Agricultural and Commercial Fuels

Need fuel delivered to your place of business? No problem!

Cass City Oil & Gas Company understands the demands of the farming community and other commercial accounts: When you need fuel, you need it now. We take pride in our ability to deliver as our customers require it, without causing an interruption in the work day.ccog_23

Our delivery trucks have the capacity to deliver between 100 gallons and 4,000 gallons directly to your storage tanks.

The fuels we deliver for your convenience are:

Diesel Fuels:
On-road (clear)
Off-road (dyed)
Bio-diesel blends: 2%, 5%, 10%, or 20%


We also carry a variety of fuel accessories:
Pumps                               Nozzles
Hoses                                Filters
Vent caps                          Adapters

Storage tanks also available for purchase or lease. Please contact our office for availability.